• GACR P202/12/2011 Parallel Input/Output Algorithms for Very Large Sparse Matrices, 2012 - 2014.


  • SGS14/106/OHK3/1T/18 Algorithms for Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems, 2014. The proposed project is based on previous research results in the field of parallel and distributed computing systems. It is aimed at massively parallel computing, GPU computing, cluster computing, and global grid computing systems. More specifically, the project is going to focus 1) on the reseach of the architecture of the nondedicated cluster architecture with the focus on the algorithms for distributed task scheduling in such clusters, 2) on the design of efficient algorithms for crystal structure determination based on powder diffraction method on massively parallel GPU clusters, 3) on the parallelization of immune-system-inspired algorithms on GPU clusters, 4) on the design of efficient algorithms for data acquisition and visualization of very large sparse matrices mapped row-wise/column-wise on processors of massively parallel multiprocessor systems, and 5) on the reseach of heuristic algorithms for resource allocation in worldwide computing grids.


  • SGS12/097/OHK3/1T/18 Application of paralelization of scientific computations, 2012. This project consists of several research subprojects that investigate various interesting parallel programming aspects.

    The first research project concerns with sparse matrix storage formats. It is focused on aspects of quad-tree abstract data type for sparse matrix representation. Preliminary results indicate high potential of quad-tree format, but it is necessary to implement more functions and measure the performance thoroughly.
  • SGS11/096/OHK3/1T/18 Parallel visualization of large sparse matrices, 2011.
  • SGS XXXXX Design and implementation of support mechanisms for peer-to-peer clusters, 2010-Present. The objectives of grant are:
    • Evaluate suitability of the peer-to-peer version of the system for desktop applications
    • Propose communication topology for the system, that would scale to large numbers of nodes, connected via various network channels(LAN, Internet,..)
    • Propose scheduling mechanisms suitable for peer-to-peer environment, respecting fact that there is not trust among participating nodes and there is no central trusted entity
    • Propose a distributed file system addressing the both local clustering needs of the system and as well possible extension into a large scale grid.
  • GACR 102/06/0943 Distributed cluster of nondedicated Linux workstations, 2006 - 2008. The objectives of grant were:
    • Design and implement first version of SSI non-dedicated linux cluster
    • Propose security mechanisms for the environment
    • Propose market based scheduling mechanisms for the system